Rattlesnake Hose Design Toolkit

The NEW way to measure & source hose

The NEW award-winning Dyme Rattlesnake hose design toolkit allows you to measure the exact length and angle of your hose assembly down to the millimetre. It will significantly reduce time, cost and frustration. Speed up product development with perfect fit hoses, 1st time, every time, using a new game-changing system for: mechanics, race teams, restoration specialists, OEMs, car builders/tuners, and avid car DIY’ers and enthusiasts.

Rattlesnake Toolkit Explained

Hose assembly replica measuring toolkit Dyme Rattlesnake Hose Design toolkit with large dial hose segments and callouts
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Hose Problem

Custom hoses and fittings have remained one of the a challenging, time consuming and expensive parts of any build or vehicle sustainment.

Guessing what you need, wasted material, wasted time, mistakes, leaks, stress, large confusing catalogs, no warranty, poor testing, cash flow heavy inventory, deadstock, difficult assembly and expensive wholesalers make these one of the most difficult and frustrating parts to get right.

Never be caught with a hose that is too long, too short, doesn’t quite reach, fit or kinks, restricting flow and performance or damaging the look under the hood.

Dyme’s changing that.

Dyme Solution

The Dyme Rattlesnake hose design Toolkit (RSTK) is an award winning, patent pending, easy to use error proof system. It helps you design, order and receive a crimped, tested, certified OE quality hose assembly that is debris, dirt, leak and damage free. Some have said it reminds them of Lego™ for hose!

Get millimeter and single degree rotation accurate OE quality hose assemblies that have been cleaned, tested and certified faster and cheaper than you can get loose raw components, where you would still have to assemble the hose yourself.

Perfect fit 1st time, every time, guaranteed, wherever you are in the world within hours, not days or weeks.

The Game Changer.

Rattlesnake Toolkit parts
Rattlesnake Toolkit parts yellow from side

How it Works – 4 Easy Steps



Illustration of Rattlesnake Toolkit with case

Includes 2 of every fitting, and
a bunch of hose segments.

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Illustration of Road at dawn

Use the Toolkit to design the
perfect hose routing.



Hose design options

Enter your hose design
Rattlesnake data into

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Perfect fit, tested, cleaned, OE
Quality custom hose shipped
same day.

What’s in the Rattlesnake Hose Design Toolkit?

Hose Segments
3ft of Superleggera hose segments in chosen size

Fittings and Adapters
2x every angle fitting in chosen size –
Straight, 30º, 45º, 60º, 90º, 120º, 150º, 180º

6x common Adaptors

Fine Adjustment Dials
1x Large Dial – fine length and angle adjustments
1x Mini Dial – fine angle adjustments only

= 28 Tools + Hose Segments + Toolbox

Rattlesnake Toolkit fittings

Hose Segments

Each size of Rattlesnake fitting accommodates a range of highly precise, sophisticated, Nylon injection moulded segments that when connected, are accurate analogues for the dimensions and bend radius of each Dyme hose.

Perfect Simulation: segments are assembled in a chain, accurately simulating the routing of the hose. Features in the segments maintain the position and nominal orientation to ensure accuracy when connected to the fittings.

Dyme Rattlesnake Hose Design Toolkit Hose Segments Joining
Hose segments

Fittings and Adapters

Each fittings toolkit contains exact analogues of all the fitting types and angles available in that size,
with 2 copies of each fitting included, along with 6 adapters.

Fitting & hose segments connecting

Dyme Rattlesnake Hose Design Toolkit Fitting Joining Hose Segments - top

Fitting & hose segments connecting

Dyme Rattlesnake Hose Design Toolkit Fitting Joining Hose Segments - bottom

Fine Adjustment Dials

Each Rattlesnake toolkit contains 1x Large Dial for length & angle fine adjustments and 1x Mini Dial for angle fine adjustments only.

Length extension – Large Dial

Millimeter accurate hose assembly using Rattlesnake hose design toolkit

Angle rotation – Large Dial

Dyme Rattlesnake Hose Design Toolkit Large Dial Fine Adjustment Angle Rotation
Installation Instructions

Rattlesnake Toolkit Benefits

  • No more self assembly

  • No more guessing

  • No more cutting hoses or bloody fingers

  • No need to find or pay local hose assembler

  • No more maintenance of ‘reusable’ fittings

  • No more leaks – from o-rings on adjustable angle fittings

  • No more mistakes

  • No more dead inventory

  • No more wasted time

  • No more material waste ordering conventionally yields an average 20% material waste.

Rattlesnake Toolkit parts yellow front

Dyme Toolkit

Measure once.

Dyme Hose

Perfect fit, every time.