What is the difference between hose segments of different colors?2020-12-10T16:19:49-08:00

Different hose segment colors as each color replicates a different type and material of hose and its respective bend radius. For example the current Blue Rattlesnake hose segments, have the same physical performance of the Superleggera Aramid braided PTFE hose. This will ensure that when you prototype your hose design that you can have confidence that the segments will act in the same way as the production hose itself when you receive it.

How is Dyme different from other hose assembly manufacturers?2020-12-10T16:20:59-08:00

Dyme’s patent pending Rattlesnake toolkit system is the only one of its kind in the market which allows for custom hoses accurate in length and degree in rotation angle. 

This means that with the assistance of the RSTK you can eliminate large amounts of lost time and money from product development and installs, preventing errors and providing fast delivery. These material and labor costs create opportunities to save overall cost for your project or business.

Where can I buy the Rattlesnake Hose Design Toolkits?2020-12-10T16:25:29-08:00

Rattlesnake Toolkits are only available from our website www.dymepsi.com in the Shop and selected resellers.

Who can benefit from Dyme?2020-12-17T12:38:13-08:00

Mechanics, race teams, OEMs, car builders/tuners, restoration specialists, and avid car DIY’ers and enthusiasts.

What are the main benefits of Dyme and the Rattlesnake Hose Design Toolkit?2020-12-10T16:33:38-08:00


  • Easy to use, error proof toolkits
  • No large confusing catalogs
  • Simplified product range
  • Easy online ordering and reordering


  • No hose or fittings inventory required
  • No tied up cash flow
  • No unusable dead stock
  • No waste


  • Guaranteed fit first time or replacement or money back
  • Millimeter and single degree rotation accurate

Cleaned & Tested

  • Every time with a certificate 
  • Debris, dirt, leak and damage free


  • One piece aluminum forged fittings
  • Highest quality PTFE hose


  • Custom assembled, cleaned & test hose lines delivered faster than raw components
  • Express Worldwide
  • Shipped same day if ordered before 4pm Pacific Time  
What if I need to cancel my order?2020-12-10T16:34:30-08:00

This can be done by sending us an email to launch@dymepsi.com . You are able to cancel your order of everything other than custom hose assemblies up until the time that the order has been shipped. For custom hose assemblies designed through the Build & Price section of www.dymepsi.com cancellation is possible up until the time that the part/s are built. You will receive an email to confirm when this has occurred.

Can the Rattlesnake Toolkit prototype be dismantled and used again?2020-12-10T16:35:35-08:00

The Rattlesnake Toolkit is a durable and completely reusable hose design tool that is easily assembled and dismantled to prototype thousands of hose designs and has a 3 year warranty.

Can I buy extra hose segments?2020-12-10T16:37:08-08:00

Yes.  You can buy as many extra hose segments you need, these are sold in quantities of 60 hose segments which vary in length depending on the hose size. Specific details are available in the Shop.

Do I need to have an expert fit the finished part?2020-12-10T16:38:23-08:00

It is up to the customer to determine the level of expertise or skill required to fit the completed part as construction of certain systems can be complex and have specific requirements.

Are the hose assemblies made by Dyme tested?2020-12-10T16:39:17-08:00

Each and every part made by Dyme is internally certified, checked for compression consistency, pressure tested to 1.5 times MWP (maximum working pressure), and finally cleaned before packing and shipping.

How do I order hose assemblies?2021-07-07T07:18:33-07:00

There are 2 Methods to Order Hose Assemblies from Dyme. Firstly go to our custom hose page and choose from either:

  1. Rattlesnake Toolkit (RSTK) Method: enter the details RSTK of the prototype hose design,


  1. Traditional Method: without the use of the RSTK, enter the angles of the fittings, length between the seat of the two fittings and maybe rotation if required.
I’m a business customer. Can I place a bulk order?2020-12-10T16:41:30-08:00

Yes, please contact us via email at launch@dymepsi.com for contract manufacturing options.

Are the delivery charges inclusive of customs charges?2020-12-10T16:42:29-08:00

No, for deliveries to outside the US, the delivery charges are exclusive of local duties and taxes.

What if I need my product urgently? Can I arrange expedited delivery?2020-12-10T16:44:12-08:00

Yes, if you require the part urgently, please email us at launch@dymepsi.com and we can quickly review a number of expedited solutions.

How can I collaborate with Dyme in my business, channel or project?2020-12-16T15:38:38-08:00

The best way to find out more is to go to: https://dymepsi.com/partners/  and fill in the form so that we can open discussion or alternatively please email us at launch@dymepsi.com.

What if my Dyme produced hose assembly doesn’t fit?2021-07-01T10:51:35-07:00

We haven’t yet experienced a Dyme made hose assembly made to spec not fitting, but if this were to happen, Dyme has a 100% No-Risk, Perfect Fit, Money Back Guarantee. Where if a hose is not made to spec, we will make the necessary tweaks or we’ll refund 100% of your money. We would just request that you email us at launch@dymepsi.com so that we can send you a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form to fill in.

How can I reorder?2023-01-31T04:02:19-08:00

Log in through My Garage, click on Orders and assuming the order was Completed, scroll to the bottom of the order and click the Order again button.


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