About Us

About US

We saw a problem and found a better way. Sometimes disruption is a good thing.

For decades, custom hoses and fittings have remained one of the most challenging, time consuming and expensive parts of any build.

Middle-men, wrong parts, wasted material, wasted time, mistakes, leaks, confusing catalogs, no warranty, poor testing and expensive assembly vendors make these pound for pound one of the most difficult and frustrating parts to get right.

We’re changing that.

Starting with the automotive sector, Dyme is a technology company that seeks to create useful things that are of value to society and the environment.

Our objective is to use technology, efficiency and good business practices to bring our customers extraordinary value, and build a strong brand so that Dyme PSI becomes synonymous with the markets we enter.

We're planning to shake things up a little bit, come along for the ride.

About DYME