We saw a problem and we wanted to do something about it!

Custom hoses and fittings have remained one of the most challenging, time consuming and expensive parts of any build or vehicle sustainment.

Guessing what you need, wasted material, wasted time, mistakes, leaks, confusing catalogs, no warranty, poor testing, difficult assembly and expensive wholesalers make these one of the most difficult and frustrating parts to get right.

We’re changing that.

Our system harnesses a measuring toolkit and e-commerce technology to simplify the design and delivery experience, providing assembled, tested custom hose assembly parts anywhere in the world,


We are in challenging times, and businesses more than ever need to run efficiently and waste free in order to remain profitable. Dyme PSI is here to help your business reduce overheads, eliminate waste, work faster and get more customers. Our system will help you remove bottlenecks and get a premium, long lasting hose assembly into your builds and kits.


Our biggest advantage of the Rattlesnake system is that it is FAST. Fast to design and prototype, fast to upload and check out, and most importantly, fast to get parts. Don’t waste any of your valuable time performing tasks that don’t add value to your business, using the Rattlesnake means that you can throw away your catalogs, turn jobs faster and get more done.


Because our system can accurately design the parts you want to make, you can get the right fitting part, the first time, every time, no mistakes, no throwing away parts that dont fit.

Save time and risk, get more done, and do it faster, you and your customers will enjoy parts that fit just as intended.”


We make your design exactly as ordered, so you are not burdened with waste, offcuts and left over parts, save your money and get better value, you get a ready to use, tested part. The total cost of ownership of these parts is often over looked, wasted time, labor, mistakes and leftovers, Dyme PSI will help you eliminate these from your business so you can spend it on what matters to your business.


We spend a lot of time to engineer and select the best materials for our products, built to last and to have service maximums far higher than you and your customers would ever reach, so you can be confident you are selling a good part to your customer. Low warranty rates and the need to rework jobs will help you build a solid reputation with customers and cut your operating costs, streamlining your business and building your bottom line.

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We have assembled experts with extensive experience in the field to help our customers succeed.

Brendan (Mate) McGrath
Brendan (Mate) McGrathCEO & Founder
Inventor, Driver, Rider, Mumbler.

A creative and resourceful business strategy developer, dedicated to driving success via innovation in products, business modeling and lean initiatives, balancing strong engineering aptitude and business acumen, successful in uniting the needs of the customer to that of the business, striving for win/win results by eliminating waste and increasing value.

Timmy Horwill
Timmy Horwill Co-founder
Combining the love for technology, cars or anything with an engine to deliver process improvement while being obsessed by adding value to make peoples lives easier. Tim has been involved in the automotive sector since birth essentially due his family business and starting Dyme has been about combining his love for tech, cars, his knowledge of manufacturing and process improvement and his obsession with bringing value to customers to make their lives easier.

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