Pre-sale of Rattlesnake Toolkits has now begun from September 11th 2020.

Available sizes  -04 -06 -08 and -10 Rattlesnake Toolkits

Each size: -04 to -10 (more sizes coming soon) of Dyme Rattlesnake Toolkit includes:

1)  Fittings: 2x Straight, 2x 30°, 2x 45°, 2x 60°, 2x 90°, 2x 120°, 2x 150°, 2x 180°, 2x Forged 45°, 2x Forged 90°, 1x T-fitting, 1x Y-fitting, 4x Size Adaptors, 1x Large Dial (Length & Angle Adjust) and 1x Mini Dial (Angle Adjust only).

2)  Hose Segments: approximately 1 meter of segments included in each toolkit. However if you require more, you may purchase additional segments in 1 meter quantities from the Shop.

These Rattlesnake Toolkits will change the way you look at plumbing your vehicle by saving you time, money and frustration.