Dyme Rattlesnake Toolkits NOW Shipping.

Available sizes  -04 -06 -08 and -10 Rattlesnake Toolkits

Each size: -04 to -10 (more sizes coming soon) of Dyme Rattlesnake Toolkit includes:

1)  Fittings: 2x Straight, 2x 30°, 2x 45°, 2x 60°, 2x 90°, 2x 120°, 2x 150°, 2x 180°, 2x Forged 45°, 2x Forged 90°, 1x T-fitting, 1x Y-fitting, 4x Size Adaptors, 1x Large Dial (Length & Angle Adjust) and 1x Mini Dial (Angle Adjust only).

2)  Hose Segments: approximately 1 meter of segments included in each toolkit. However if you require more, packs of 60x Extra Hose Segments can be purchased from the Shop.

These Rattlesnake Toolkits will change the way you look at plumbing your vehicle by saving you time, money and frustration. Find out how the Rattlesnake hose design toolkit works.