Savings Calculator



We want to add value by giving you the ability to see the true comparison between: 1) the cost of a Dyme perfect fit hose assembly that is fully assembled, tested and cleaned ready for install, and 2) the average cost associated with using a competitors traditional process including the labor time involved in product selection and the research to understand elements like the required length of the hose, the angles of fittings and the amount of rotation of the fittings plus the cost of the hose and fittings themselves including the wasted material due to excess or errors, plus machinery purchase or hire if available as well as many unknowns like travel associated costs.

The Savings Calculator highlights the change in process that the Dyme Rattlesnake offers which eliminates time in decision making and not having to look through multiple 100 page catalogs, but have the confidence when ordering through Dyme, that the hose will fit perfectly first time, down to the millimetre in length and to the precise degree in angle rotation, as per your prototyped Rattlesnake toolkit part.

We want to bring extraordinary value, and the Dyme Savings Calculator will allow you to see the costs that usually go unnoticed in the hose assembly process, that often leaves this process one of the most annoying, time consuming and costly parts of a build or modification.