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$429.00 - $2,041.00
Buy Accessories If you require more than 60 segments please go to the ACCESSORIES page

Pre-sale of Rattlesnake toolkits coming soon - Summer 2020. 

Each size: -4 to -10 (more sizes coming soon) of Dyme Rattlesnake toolkit includes:

1)  Fittings: 2x Straight, 2x 30°, 2x 45°, 2x 60°, 2x 90°, 2x 120°, 2x 150°, 2x 180°, 2x Forged 45°, 2x Forged 90°, 1x T-fitting, 1x Y-fitting, 4x Size Adaptors, 1x Large Dial (Length & Angle Adjust) and 1x Mini Dial (Angle Adjust only).

2)  Hose Segments: approximately 1 meter of segments included in each toolkit. However if you require more, you may purchase additional segments in 1 meter quantities from the ACCESSORIES page.

We want you to be involved with the journey so for the launch and pre-order we will initially be offering 4 different sizes: -4, -6, -8 & -10 in a Superleggera Aramid braided PTFE hose which has Blue Rattlesnake segments, to reflect the bend radius and kinking point of the production supplied Aramid hose which has a unique white diamond design specific to Dyme. Throughout 2020 we will be adding a full range of sizes from -3 to -20 across 5 different types of hose plus brake hoses to cover the full range of the most popular hose types used in the automotive sector.

These Rattlesnake toolkits will change the way you look at plumbing your vehicle by saving you time, money and frustration.