1-piece fittings

All our fittings and tools are machined from a single piece of Aluminum, no welded tubes and ends, eliminating leak paths per assembly, making a safer, more reliable, better looking part.

Highly Polished Fittings

All fittings are polished before anodizing, giving each part a deep piano black gloss finish, while creating some of the most beautiful parts in your car.


ptfe Hose

All our hose is PTFE, because it is the longest lasting, highest performance, lightest and most compatible hose material, giving our customers the best possible value and product.

Also check out our own custom black and white hose pattern!



Every single part we manufacture and ship will be accompanied by a certificate showing how it has been electronically certified at each stage of the process.

It will verify the compression consistency during the crimp, the achieved pressure testing, that it underwent cleaning, and a time stamp at each of these stages. It will also display when our machines were last calibrated, giving you the highest level of assurance and confidence in our quality parts. We might be a new company but our tech and systems will bring a whole new standard to the hose industry.