How DYME Works

Measured & Designed by YOU
Manufactured & Supplied by DYME

2 Methods to Measure

Rattlesnake Toolkit (RSTK)

The most accurate and fastest way, BUY the Rattlesnake Toolkit and follow the four easy steps once your happy, use the DYME Rattlesnake configurator to input you unique configuration, pay and wait for our fast delivery.

Traditional Method

Know your measurements, you use our easy to follow measuring guide to check your measurements are in line with our mm accurate manufacturing process.

configure hose with rtsk
Enter Measurements

Rattlesnake Toolkit Explained

This technology and system is a new and unique hose measuring toolkit simplifies the design and delivery experience, providing assembled, tested custom hose assembly parts anywhere in the world.

With the Dyme Rattlesnake it’s perfect the first time every-time!

Our leading edge measuring solution provides a non-functional plastic analogue that is used to shape any routing solution, there are over 7 billions combinations!

Each made specifically to our high end, high performance hoses. No mistakes!

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Hose Segments

Each size of Rattlesnake fitting accommodate a range of highly precise, sophisticated, Nylon injection moulded segments that when connected, are accurate analogues for the dimensions and bend radius of each Dyme hose.

Perfect Simulation: segments are assembled in a chain, accurately simulating the routing of the hose, features in the segments maintain the position and nominal orientation to ensure accuracy when connected to the fittings.

Fittings and Adapters

Each fittings toolkit contains exact analogues of all the fitting types and angles available in that size, with 2 copies of each fitting included, along with a large and small angle and fine length adjustment dial.

Fine Adjustment Dials

Every Rattlesnake toolkit contains both a Mini and Large fine adjustment dial. The Mini dial allows for angle rotation only where the Large dial allows for both angle rotation and fine length adjustment dial to the millimeter.

The Mini dial also allows for a tighter bend radius for those more intricate hose assemblies.

Installation Instructions

WITH A DYME RATTLESNAKE YOU GET THE EXACT HOSE IN 4 QUICK AND SIMPLE STEPS FAST, Everyone will do it slightly different but here is a quick guide of one possible way


Choose the Rattlesnake Toolkit hose size:
-04 to -10


Focus on the Length first – add or remove hose segments to determine the hose length between 80mm to 4000mm.


Add your fi
ttings and set the DYME dial rotation control to the desired setting 0 to 359 degrees.


If required use one of the fine adjustment dials to perfect your angle rotation or length extension giving you millimeter accuracy.

After you are happy with your prototyped design go on to the DYME Configurator, enter the details and shortly you will be receiving a production ready, identical to your prototyped design that has been cleaned and tested and ready for action/track/event etc.

Hose supplier using hose design toolkit to measure custom hose assemblyBrendan McGrath using Rattlesnake Hose Design Toolkit to measure crimped hose on turbo